Top 10 jobs with the safest drivers

Top 10 jobs with the safest drivers (and some not-so-safe ones too)

Ever wondered why your occupation matters when it comes to car insurance? It may not make much sense to you at first, but trust us, it does to an insurance company. Together with a few other factors (like gender, age, education, and credit), your job is one of the best predictors of how likely you are to have an accident.

After giving over a million quotes to people all around the country, we have a fair amount of data at our disposal, so we decided to see which jobs are the least likely to be in an accident. And of course, while we were at it, we had to see who wrecks the most, too. We compiled the list by looking at the percentage of drivers in each occupation who’ve reported having an accident in the last five years. (Occupations with a sample size smaller than 500 were omitted).

Of course being involved in an accident and causing  an accident are two different things, but the bad luck should be spread out more or less evenly across occupations, so it’s a good indicator of safe driving. And if you’re in one of the most accident-prone occupations, please don’t be offended. We’re looking at general trends, not individual’s driving habits. (But maybe think twice about accepting a ride from your coworkers just in case.)

So without further ado, the winners are…

 Least likely to wreckMost accident-prone
1. Professional driver (bus, taxi, limo, etc.)1. Travel industry
2. Marketing/advertising2. Human resources
3. Small business ownert3. Healthcare (not including doctors)
4. Financet3. IT professional
5. Attorney5. Customer service
6. Architect6. Restaurant worker
7. Retiree7. Real estate
8. Housewife/husband8. Professor
9. Clergy9. Accountant
10. Doctor10. Construction worker

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