Canine insurance agent

Common insurance terms explained (by animals)

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If you’re confused by the jargon flying around when shopping for auto insurance, we have just the thing: animal GIFs. We scoured the Internet looking for the animals best able to demonstrate complex insurance terminology. And these aren’t just any animals – every one shown below had to undergo Goji’s six-week insurance training program.

Remember, this is in no way just an excuse to show you baby animals.

Collision insurance

Covers damage to your vehicle caused by a traffic incident, whether it’s a three-car pile-up (via or just a single vehicle. (via

Goat ramming puppies
Kitten falling off toilet

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive is for pretty much everything that happens to your vehicle that is not  the result of an accident. Like water damage (via, sinkholes, and theft (via

Cat falling in bathtub
Kitten sinking
Sad wallaby

Uninsured motorist coverage

The panda in back let his insurance lapse, and because of injuries, the first panda now owes her doctor thousands of pounds of bamboo. (Pandas only deal in bamboo.) If she has uninsured motorist coverage, it will pay for her medical bills resulting from the accident. (Via CTV)

Panda going down a slide

PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection)

Trying to understand no-fault and PIP has caused more than a few headaches, but it’s actually pretty simple. With personal injury protection, rather than collecting from the other party in an accident, your own insurance company will pay for your medical bills up to a certain limit, regardless of who was at fault. Even if the jerk pushed you for no reason. You can also check out our article that explains no-fault and PIP insurance in more depth, but it lacks penguins or kittens of any kind. (Via and

Kitten pushing cat down stairs
Penguin pushing buddy into ice

Totaled/total loss

When the cost to fix the damage is more than the actual cash value, the insurer will call it a total loss and scrap the vehicle, rather than repair it. Sort of like the couch below.

Great Dane sitting on torn up couch

Sleepy hedgehog

This has nothing to do with insurance, but it’s very important that you see it anyway. (Via

Baby hedgehog yawning

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